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We had not booked our cruise through Carefree Journeys, but for some reason for days afterwards they went all out to solve cruise connections in spite of that. We were so impressed. We are cruising again next February. However, this time we booked through CFJ rather than the cruise line. Their care and concern far surpass anything the cruise lines have ever exhibited. I highly recommend them!
Joyce Lungren

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Perks Memberships

What is a PerksCard?
A PerksCard is a wallet sized ID card that our members use to redeem discounts at thousands of business locations across the country.  Members can search www.perkscard.com by city, state, and zip code for discounts either locally or when traveling.  Discounts can be obtained through the following ways: in-store at the time of purchase; online by making purchases through a link; via an 800 number using a value code; or through downloadable coupons.

Can I show my card and get the discount?
In most cases with local businesses the answer is YES. However, some Perks Featured Partners require a promotional code, on-line purchase or use of a toll free number to purchase the item or service at a discounted rate.  For more information, please see the detail pages for each specific offer.

How many places honor the PerksCard?
Thousands of business locations throughout the U.S.