C.A.R.E. Inventory


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • Are my savings limited to only weekly condo reservations?

    No. Your membership includes exclusive savings on airfare, car rental, cruises, hotels, dining, entertainment and recreation packages such as golf, ski, and tickets to area attractions.


  • How do you have access to this discounted resort condo inventory?

    We have developed relationships with resort developers and organizations that have excess inventory. The majority of this inventory consists of the same weeks that timeshare owners have already paid for, allowing the weeks to be secured at a highly discounted rate if purchased in bulk. However, what separates us from the competition is that we also own the majority of our inventory. Carefree Journeys’ portfolio is held exclusively for our members and is not farmed out to other companies unless our members choose not to use our inventory and it is about to expire. The farming out of inventory is the primary reason why there is limited or no availability with other trade companies.

  • How do I view the directory of resort condos available to Members for reservations?

    The resort directory is available on the Website. You can access it by clicking the “Portfolio Properties” tab or the “Network Properties” tab.   Portfolio Properties are resorts that we have in our inventory year-round, and pricing and availability is listed on the website.  Network Properties are all of the other properties we are able to book, from 5-star resorts to lesser known gems.  Please keep in mind that we have access to every timeshare resort in the world, so if you don’t see the resort you’re interested in on the website, please feel free to call!

  • Is making a resort condo reservation through Carefree Journeys different than that of RCI or Interval International?

    Yes, very different. You are assigned your very own vacation concierge who personally takes care of all your travel needs. One on one service makes for a hassle free travel experience. There also is no additional booking/exchange fee added to the cost of the week.

  • Can I make nightly reservations at resort condos, or am I required to stay a minimum of one week?

    Yes. You can book from as little as one night’s stay up to a month at a time, depending on your membership type.
  • Why are guest reservations for resort condos limited to only two weeks per year?

    We limit guest reservations to two in order to allow us to balance the allotment of our member weeks without sacrificing the quality of the inventory available to our members.
  • Can I make a guest reservation at a Members Only Affiliated resort for a non-member?

    Yes, up to two weeks per year using your allotted annual weeks. There is an additional $99 fee for guest reservations.
  • What is the average cost for a one week reservation at an affiliated CJ Members Only resort?

    On average, studio suites start at $449.00 USD/week, one bedroom suites $519.00 USD/week, two bedroom suites $619.00 USD/week, three bedroom suites $649.00 USD/week. Holiday and Premium packages start at $699.00 USD/week. (e.g. Hawaii, New York City, Marriott, Hilton, etc.)
  • How long in advance can I make a resort (condo) reservation?

    Reservations can be made up to 13 months in advance from date of occupancy (Check-in). It is recommended that you make reservations a minimum of ninety days in advance, however we accept reservation requests with as little as 24 hours notice until occupancy.
  • How do I make my reservations?

    Reservations are seamless and can either be made over the phone by calling our toll free number (866)-859-5769 or conveniently through the website. Whether it’s that annual family vacation, or a last minute weekend getaway, your very own vacation concierge will handle ALL the details regarding your reservation requests. Booking flights, rental cars, cruises, hotels, luxury resort accommodations, or even dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant has never been easier.
  • What type of guarantees do you offer if I am not completely satisfied?

    If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your membership in writing within 3 days of purchase or until your first secured reservation (whichever occurs first) for a full price refund.

  • As a Carefree Journeys Member, what are my initial savings?

    As a member, the more you utilize your member benefits, the faster your savings add up. Those members that do can experience savings in excess of their initial investment in the first year alone!

  • What are the advantages of becoming a Carefree Journeys member as opposed to owning a timeshare?

    There are many, here is the most important: You are not locked into a bad contract should your travel plans change over the course of the membership. Unlike timeshare, you can cancel your membership at anytime without penalty. The only way out of a timeshare is to legally transfer title. If this does not happen, you are liable for ALL of the continuously rising maintenance fees and special assessments attached to ownership.

  • What are the advantages of owning a timeshare?

    If you and your family wish to travel to the same resort, the same week of the year with guaranteed availability, a fixed week of timeshare may be an option. However, once you decide to exchange your week or find that your travel needs have changed, you open the door to additional booking and reservation fees. Transferring the timeshare property also carries additional fees should you be able to find any takers who wish to take title to the subject property.

  • I’ve heard Deeded Timeshare Property is a better investment than owning a membership. Is this true?

    No. This has been an ongoing misconception of US consumers of timeshare for quite some time. Used mainly as a selling point by developers to create value for a product that is similar to real property, which increases in value over time and can be willed to your heirs. The only similarity is that it is deeded. Timeshare always decreases in value, while increasing in liability as annual maintenance and tax fees continue to rise. It is not an asset or something that anyone should pass on to their heirs.

  • What is the advantage of booking a resort condo as opposed to a Hotel Unit?

    The average weekly rate for a three star (out of five) hotel is just over $1000 ($150/night after applicable taxes). The average weekly rate for a five Star 1BR Condo through Carefree Journeys is nearly half that amount at $599/week (about $85/night, taxes are included).  Furthermore, the hotel sleeps two while providing very limited amenities and a small living area, averaging just over 300 square feet.  The 1BR condo sleeps a minimum of four, has a full kitchen and on average has twice the amount of square footage.  That’s five star quality, more space and amenities, all for nearly half the price.

  • How long is my Carefree Journeys membership good for?

    You have the right to keep your membership for your lifetime, however it can be cancelled upon request without penalty or cost. Your initial membership is for 1 year, and you have the right to renew it every year for your lifetime.

  • Is there an Annual membership fee after I join?

    Yes. $99 per year.

  • If I don’t pay my annual membership fee of $99, is my membership automatically cancelled?

    No. Your membership is temporarily inactive until payment is received and membership fees are current. Once brought current, your account will be reinstated without penalty. Your membership is cancelled only upon your request or if membership fees are in arrears for more than 5 years.

  • Am I required to pay a fee similar to an annual maintenance fee?

    No. Unlike conventional timeshare ownerships, you only pay for what you use. There are no hassles with banking or exchanging weeks, more importantly paying for unused time.

  • Can I sell or transfer my Carefree Journeys membership?

    Yes. There is a $599 transfer fee to transfer to a third party.

  • Do you offer financing options for the Purchase of the Membership?

    Yes, there are many financing options available. Your concierge will help you find which plan best suits your needs.

  • What happens if for some reason I default on my payment obligation?

    We understand that unforeseen events occur from time to time, which may result in a delay of payment. If you default at anytime during the course of the payment plan, your membership will be temporarily suspended until brought current. However, once brought current your membership will be reactivated with all privileges.

  • How many active members are there?

    We have more than 6,000 active members, with new members added daily!