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FAQs: Carefree Journeys VS. Alternate Products

What are the advantages of becoming a Carefree Journeys member as opposed to owning a timeshare?

There are many, here is the most important: You are not locked into a bad contract should your travel plans change over the course of the membership. Unlike timeshare, you can cancel your membership at anytime without penalty. The only way out of a timeshare is to legally transfer title. If this does not happen, you are liable for ALL of the continuously rising maintenance fees and special assessments attached to ownership.

What are the advantages of owning a timeshare?

If you and your family wish to travel to the same resort, the same week of the year with guaranteed availability, a fixed week of timeshare may be an option. However, once you decide to exchange your week or find that your travel needs have changed, you open the door to additional booking and reservation fees. Transferring the timeshare property also carries additional fees should you be able to find any takers who wish to take title to the subject property.

I’ve heard Deeded Timeshare Property is a better investment than owning a membership. Is this true?

No. This has been an ongoing misconception of US consumers of timeshare for quite some time. Used mainly as a selling point by developers to create value for a product that is similar to real property, which increases in value over time and can be willed to your heirs. The only similarity is that it is deeded. Timeshare always decreases in value, while increasing in liability as annual maintenance and tax fees continue to rise. It is not an asset or something that anyone should pass on to their heirs.

What is the advantage of booking a resort condo as opposed to a Hotel Unit?

The average weekly rate for a three star (out of five) hotel is just over $1000 ($150/night after applicable taxes). The average weekly rate for a five Star 1BR Condo through Carefree Journeys is nearly half that amount at $599/week (about $85/night, taxes are included).  Furthermore, the hotel sleeps two while providing very limited amenities and a small living area, averaging just over 300 square feet.  The 1BR condo sleeps a minimum of four, has a full kitchen and on average has twice the amount of square footage.  That’s five star quality, more space and amenities, all for nearly half the price.